About Off the Wahl Productions

T. Andrew Wahl photo
T. Andrew Wahl [Photo by Samantha Chapman]

Off the Wahl Productions is an independent creative studio showcasing the storytelling of T. Andrew Wahl. Founded in 1999, OtWP is built on three pillars:

  • Journalism empowers communities, holds those in power accountable and chronicles the first draft of history. OtWP provides training for the next generation of journalistic storytellers.
  • Comic books are a unique medium of entertainment and artistic expression, and a powerful lens for viewing history. OtWP helps connect the intellectually curious with this American tradition.
  • Writing is an essential tool of the human experience, empowering realists and dreamers alike. OtWP practices this craft across its range of projects, from history to speculative fiction.

OtWP currently operates out of Stanwood, Wash.

“Our primary obligation as storytellers is to the truth. To tell each story as accurately and honestly as we can. Fiction or nonfiction, it doesn’t matter; if we want an audience to bless us with their time, we owe them something real. Authenticity. Honesty. Truth. Everything else is bullshit.”

T. Andrew Wahl, Aug. 27, 2019