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Online ‘History of the American Comic Book’ College Course Returns This Summer

Comics-studies educator T. Andrew Wahl’s popular “History of the American Comic Book” class is being offered again by Everett Community College this summer. Registration for the five-credit, online course is open now, with the class set to start July 6.

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T. Andrew Wahl

“Comic books offer a fantastic lens through which to explore history,” said Wahl. “And there’s no better way to spend summer then emersed in a pile of comics!”

According to the course description, HUM 227 History of the American Comic Book offers an introduction to the American comic book, with a focus on the medium’s development within the larger context of U.S. history. In addition to history, the class introduces art and literary criticism, and explores the importance of representation in our pop-culture media.

Wahl stresses that no prior experience with the comics medium is necessary for the course: “Most students come to the class via the Marvel movies or perhaps have attended a local convention. They’re curious about the comics source material, and I love connecting the intellectually curious with this American tradition.”

HUM 227 transfers as a humanities elective. Information on tuition costs and how to register are available on the EvCC website. The text book and comics for the class have been digitally curated and cost around $75. 

For more information, contact Wahl at the EvCC at

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