T. Andrew Wahl at the Sequential Reaction gallery show
T. Andrew Wahl talks about the Bronze Age of comics during the opening reception for “Sequential Reaction: A History of the American Comic Book,” a 2019 art show he curated for Everett Community College’s Russell Day Gallery. [Photo by Kami Wahl]

T. Andrew Wahl Brings Bronze Age Minute Reviews to Relaunched offthewahl.com

A comic-book fan and collector for more than 40 years, T. Andrew Wahl has worked professionally as a comics-studies writer and historian since 2008. His latest project, Bronze Age Minute, will be a daily feature on the new offthewahl.com for the foreseeable future.

The goal of Bronze Age Minute is simple: To revisit and review every superhero, sci-fi and fantasy comic published during the medium’s Bronze Age, a period lasting from 1970 to 1985. The plan is to create a comprehensive review database featuring a singular critical voice.

“Things have been so hectic during the pandemic I haven’t been spending enough time with comics,” said Wahl. “I’m thrilled to be back reviewing the four-color treasures of my youth.”

Wahl, who studied the Bronze Age as part of his master’s studies at Fort Hays State University, got his start writing about comics as part of the review crew for the legendary industry trade publication, the Comics Buyer’s Guide. In 2009 and 2010, he attended Comic-Con International as a contributing writer to Comic Book Resources. His work also appeared regularly in his own publications, Comics Bronze Age (2009-12) and Sequential Reaction (2016-17).

As a member of the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau (2013-16 and 2019-21), Wahl traveled more than 10,000 miles around the state talking comic books and history at venues including public libraries, retirement homes, museums and the Walla Walla State Penitentiary. His most recent presentation focused on superheroes and the power of representation.

Since 2010, Wahl has been a weekly contributor to Gemstone Publishing’s Scoop e-newsletter. He also regularly teaches History of the American Comic Book at Everett Community College, where he curated a well-received gallery exhibit of original comic art in 2019.

“Comic books are one of the great American art forms,” said Wahl. “It’s been a joy being able to connect anyone who is curious about comics to this amazing medium.”

Bronze Age Minute will feature new work while also getting old material back in print. Look for fresh content to be published by 8 a.m. every weekday. 

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