Review: Anomaly #4

Anomaly #4 cover (with adult content banner)
Cover by Richard Corben

Anomaly #4
Published by Bud Plant and © the respective creators below, November 1972

Title: “Alice in Wonderlust”
Synopsis: Alice’s curiosity takes her down the rabbit hole – where she is sexually assaulted by a gang of deranged rabbits.

Writer: Richard Corben
Artist: Corben

Review: This slight, three-page story offers a disturbing twist on the already-strange adventures of Alice. While the gratuitous sexual assault by rabbits adds little to the lore, underground legend Richard Corben’s cartoony style is appropriate for the tale.


Title: “Leander and the Fat Queen”
Synopsis: An average schmo races to marry the queen of a lost island before a curse turns him into a lizard.

Writer: Jan Strnad
Artist: Bob Kline

Review: A tonally odd outing, but its what’ll-happen-next shocks and solid art make it a fun read.


Title: “Encounter at War”
Synopsis: A rescue mission to a planet under siege goes terribly wrong and its suddenly every soldier for themself.

Writer: Jan Strnad
Artist: Richard Corben

Review: The best of this issue’s tales. It explores the breaking points of camaraderie and duty, and features stylish Corben art.

Grade (for the entire issue): B

Anomaly #4 back cover
Back cover by Richard Corben

Cool factor: Richard Corben is one of the most unique talents to emerge from the underground-comix movement.
Not-so-cool factor: The sexual elements are off putting, particularly through the lens of today’s social mores.

Notable: Also includes a frontispiece by Bob Kline and a back cover by Richard Corben.

Character quotable: “I got a very bad feeling about all this …” – Leander, part-lizard man

Editor’s note: This review was written Sept. 16, 2023.

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