Review: Ironjaw #3

Ironjaw #3 cover
Cover by Pablo Marcos

Ironjaw #3
Published and © by Atlas (Seaboard), May 1975

Title: “The Wolf-Cowled Head-Hunters of Amun-Rak”
Synopsis: Astride his savage, snow-white unicorn, Ironjaw returns to his homeland of Amun-Rak – where betrayal and adventure await!

Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artist: Pablo Marcos

Review: After a pair of issues marred by over-the-top misogyny (see reviews of Ironjaw #1 and #2), this issue is, umm, less rapey? There still isn’t a likable character to be found in Ironjaw’s world, but at least the two women bedded by the barbarian this outing appear willing. That’s a low bar. Three issues into this short-lived series and there still isn’t much positive to set its world-building apart from the similar fare of the era. On the art side of the equation, Pablo Marcos’ mastery of anatomy comes and goes, but his work does have an enthusiastic dynamism.

Grade: C

Cool factor: Umm, Ironjaw goes one whole issue without sexually assaulting someone?
Not-so-cool factor: Ironjaw rides into battle on a unicorn. Really? Also, why does a story called “The Wolf-Cowled Head-Hunters of Amun-Rak” feature dudes in lizard cowls?

Character quotable: “Because you are like a father to me, I will set you free … for only 650 gold sovereigns!” – Ironjaw, opportunist

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Comics Bronze Age on April 20, 2020.

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