Review: Power Comics #4

Power Comics #4 cover
Cover by Jim Craig

Power Comics #4
Published by James Waley and © by Power, November 1977

Title: “Conquermind!”
Synopsis: The Northern Light doesn’t take kindly to Conquermind, a powerful alien overseeing a school field trip to Earth.

Writer: James Waley
Artist: Jim Craig

Review: First, the good about a semi-pro publication like Power Comics #4: The format – a self-covered comic with B&W interiors – is very cool. Compared to the gloss and polish of a newsstand comic, it has an irresistible DIY charm. That DIY appeal carries over to the creative team, as James Waley and Jim Craig’s desire to see the Northern Light succeed is obvious. Unfortunately, this outing isn’t up to the task. Waley’s script isn’t ready for prime time, suffering from pacing, dialogue and character development  issues. Craig’s art is closer to pro quality, but lacks the consistency of his Marvel work.

Grade: C

Cool factor: Love the fanzine format.
Not-so-cool factor: The jive-talkin’, undercover-alien soul mama? Not so much.

Notable: The Northern Light previously appeared in Orb magazine. … James Waley went on to be the co-founder of the Joe Shuster Awards.

Character quotable: “How brash you Earthlings are … Ha! HA! Compared to my race you are like helpless infants! Worthless insects! To me, Northern Light … you are … NOTHING!” – Conquermind, who clearly knows nothing of being brash

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Comics Bronze Age on Oct. 5, 2009.

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