Review: Teen Titans #42

Teen Titans #42 cover
Cover by Nick Cardy

Teen Titans #42
Published and © by DC, November-December 1972

Title: “Slaves of the Emperor Bug”|
Synopsis: A beetle broach acquired at auction pulls the Titans into an old feud between a bug god and salamander warrior.

Writer: Bob Haney
Penciler: Arthur Saaf
Inker: Nick Cardy

Review: Never high art but always fun, Bob Haney’s Teen Titans adventures often read like Scooby Doo episodes with superheroes. There are elements of gothic horror and globetrotting adventure, seasoned with more than a dash of not-so-hip-hipster dialogue. There is an inescapable feeling that anything can happen next and nothing really makes sense, but Haney sets a tone and delivers consistently. The art is also consistent – and quite good – thanks in large part to the inking of Nick Cardy. This iteration of the Teen Titans knows exactly what it’s trying to be and delivers on that promise.

Grade: C+

Second opinion: “A little supernatural flare and some exotic Mexican sites give this one enough action to generate excitement. … 3 out of 4 stars.” – Craig Shutt, Comics Buyer’s Guide #1604, May 2005

Cool factor: Check out that Nick Cardy cover!
Not-so-cool factor: The male Titans won’t trust their teammates’ “female fixations” but will listen to a talking bug broach? Dudes.

Character quotable: “Cool the comedy, clowns – this is serious!” – Lilith, who clearly hasn’t read this comic

Editor’s note: This review was written July 11, 2022.

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