Review: What If? #10

What If? 10 cover
Cover by John Buscema

What If? #10
Published and © by Marvel, August 1978

Title: “What If Jane Foster Had Found – the Hammer of Thor?”
Synopsis: When aliens from Saturn invade Norway, nurse Jane Foster finds a magical stick that turns her into a female Thor.

Writer: Don Glut
Penciler: Rick Hoberg
Inker: Dave Hunt

Review: Was anyone really asking this question? The idea would later go on to inspire better comics and a feature film, but, at the time, it seemed like an odd selection. And the story it prompted isn’t very good. The action is mostly a stale retelling of better Thor comics, while the romantic elements are painfully stereotyped. Don Blake revels in his lameness while Jane Foster suffers one sexist slight after another. The twist ending would be nearly inexplicable if similar weirdness didn’t turn up often in ancient mythology. Add in serviceable-but-flat art and this outing is a subpar mess.

Grade: D+

Second opinion: “1 out of 5 stars.” – Mike Conroy, Comic Media News International #36, June-July 1978

Cool factor: Not much cool here, but it would inspire better stories.
Not-so-cool factor: Odin makes really bad choices, doesn’t he?

Notable: First appearance of Jane Foster as Thor.

Character quotable:That shapely beauty is not Thor!!” – Loki, god of the obvious

Editor’s note: This review was written July 8, 2022.

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