Review: Ironjaw #4

Ironjaw #4 cover
Cover by Pablo Marcos

Ironjaw #4
Published and © by Atlas (Seaboard), July 1975

Title: “And Who Will Forge a Jaw of Iron? The Origin of – Ironjaw!”
Synopsis: When a beautiful minstrel is maimed by jealous thieves, a secret paramour and sorceress team to save the future Ironjaw!

Writer: Gary Friedrich
Artist: Pablo Marcos

Review: For someone with little apparent regard for woman as human beings (see reviews of Ironjaw #1 and #2), it’s a twist to learn this unsavory barbarian owes his survival to a pair of determined ladies. (Of course, his saviors don’t wear much in the way of clothing, but that’s pretty typical of the swords-and-sandals fare of the era.) New writer Gary Friedrich tones down the wanton misogyny, but there still aren’t any heroes to root for here. Pablo Marcos’ art continues to show energy and potential, but that isn’t enough to set Ironjaw apart from similar – and superior – titles.

Grade: C+

Cool factor: Umm … this is the last issue?
Not-so-cool factor: Sadly, all Atlas (Seaboard) titles would soon meet the same fate.

Character quotable: “Never – never have I sought the favors of a wench betrothed to another!” – The slightly less-offensive minstrel who would become Ironjaw

Editor’s note: This review was written April 21, 2020.

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