Review: Limited Collectors’ Edition #C-42

Limited Collectors' Edition #C-42 cover
Cover by Sheldon Mayer and Tenny Henson

Limited Collectors’ Edition #C-42
Published and © by DC, February-March 1976

Title: “Christmas by Computer”
Synopsis: Looking to improve efficiency, Santa adopts the elves’ plan to utilize a new computer that’s “never wrong.” Uh oh.

Writer: Sheldon Mayer
Penciler: Mayer
Inker: Tenny Henson

Review: Given its publication date, this story offers some prescient commentary on the impact of computer technology on the modern workplace. It also features some excellent new cartooning from DC OG Sheldon Mayer. It’s not quite a Christmas classic, but DC’s expanded Rudolph mythology provides suitable seasonal fun.


Title: “Humperdink the Hunter and the Ding-a-Ling Bird!”
Synopsis: A greedy hunter tracking a rare ding-a-ling bird expands his hunt to include Rudolph and Santa.

Writer: Sheldon Mayer
Penciler: Mayer
Inker: Tenny Henson

Review: This second feature runs too long but does deliver a bit of Christmas cheer along with a warning about greed.

Grade (for the entire issue): B

Cool factor: On stories alone this treasury edition was headed for a B-, but earned a grade boost for the overall fun of the package.

Notable: This issue also contains activity pages, a pin-up and back-cover diorama.

Character quotable: “D’you still think that silly machine is always right, boys?” – Santa, ready to add the Efficiency Machine to the naughty list

Editor’s note: This review was written Dec. 22, 2022.

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