Review: Marvel Fanfare #2

Marvel Fanfare #2 cover
Cover by Michael Golden

Marvel Fanfare #2
Published and © by Marvel, May 1982

Title: “To Sacrifice My Soul …”
Synopsis: With Angel and Spider-Man devolved into primordial creatures, it’s up to Ka-Zar and Karl “Sauron” Lykos to save the day.

Writer: Chris Claremont
Artist: Micheal Golden

Review: While this Chris Claremont script is significantly better than the debut chapter (see review of Marvel Fanfare #1), it still feels like a typical issue of Marvel Team-Up. Michael Golden’s art remains the big draw here; it’s gorgeous, even when his coloring choices occasionally make the story harder to follow.


Title: “Annihilation”
Synopsis: In yet another effort to cure the Thing, Mr. Fantastic accidentally unleashes Annihilus on the world.

Writer: Roger McKenzie
Penciler: Trevor Von Eeden
Inker: Armando Gil

Review: This slight story runs through several FF tropes while the art falls short of Marvel Fanfare’s lofty editorial goals.

Grade (for the entire issue): B+

Second opinion: “The art is typical Golden: Chaotic, stunning, beautiful and dazzling.” – Comics Coast to Coast #2, 1982

Marvel Fanfare #2 back cover
Back cover by Trevor Von Eeden

Cool factor: Michael Golden’s art is really quite spectacular. He’s clearly in the top tier of Bronze Age artists.
Not-so-cool factor: For a series meant as a prestige offering for fans, Marvel Fanfare too ofen feels like a hodgepodge of filler stories.

Notable: Includes a one-page “Editori-Al” strip by Al Milgrom and a back cover by Trevor Von Eeden.

Character quotable:You … Ka-Zar … friend … if no hope … I beg you … kill me!” – Spider-Man, with slightly less-witty-than-usual banter

Editor’s note: This review was written Aug. 27, 2021.

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