Review: Rom #8

Rom #8 cover
Cover by Michael Golden

Rom #8
Published and © by Marvel and Rom © Parker Brothers, July 1980

Title: “Deathwing!”
Synopsis: With his Earth alliances fraying and his neutralizer in Wraith hands, Rom must face a dreaded deathwing!

Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Sal Buscema

Review: Early on, Rom proves stronger when focusing on the series’ sci-fi trappings: the exploration of Dire-Wraith culture, the reaction of humans to discovering an alien threat, glimpses of Rom’s Galadorian backstory, etc. There’s little new to these concepts – issues like this one have a real ’50s-sci-fi-B-movie feel – but it certainly beats some of the series’ odder departures (see reviews of Rom #5 and #7). Things may change as Rom gets more established in the Marvel U, but, for now, it’s the moody, conspiratorial sci-fi tone that makes this series rich with potential.

Grade: B+

"Sunday Punch!"
“Sunday Punch!,” featuring George Pérez art.

Cool factor: And you thought last issue’s Michael Golden cover was pretty?
Not-so-cool factor: Not so sold on the Serpentyne character. He looks like a generic action figure from the era.

Notable: This issue includes “Sunday Punch!,” a one-page ad for Hostess fruit pies ad featuring art by George Pérez.

Character quotable: “Your fellow humans will have many questions … and I doubt that they will believe any answers that come from a ‘murdering alien.’ ” – Rom, spaceknight, learning the subtle, human art of the guilt trip

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Sequential Reaction (Vol. 1) on Feb. 15, 2023.

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