Review: Space: 1999 #3

Space: 1999 #3 cover
Cover by John Byrne

Space: 1999 #3
Published Charlton and © by ATV Licensing, March 1976

Title: “Bring Them Back Alive!”
Synopsis: Three members of the Moonbase Alpha crew join with other captives in an attempt to escape an intergalactic zoo.

Writer: Nicola Cuti
Artist: John Byrne

Review: Nicola Cuti’s story is fun if not original, as the heroes of Space: 1999 find themselves trapped with other aliens, en route to a space zoo. The mix of action, drama, and a little mystery make for a good read, though there’s always a nagging feeling you’ve read this story somewhere before. Of course, the big draw here is some of the earliest professional art by comics legend John Byrne. Like all of his Charlton work, Byrne’s art here is raw and energetic, with hints of the greatness to come on just about every page.

Grade: B+

Second opinion: “I don’t think Byrne has much to be ashamed of in these, some of his first industry credits.” – Richie Prosch, Comic Relief #7, Autumn 1994

Cool factor: It’s pre-Marvel John Byrne. That’s always cool.

Notable: This issue includes a text backup story (uncredited), with illustrations (also uncredited),  titled “The Space Sirens.”

Character quotable: “I just had a horrible thought. This whole set-up reminds me of … a trap!” – Commander John Koenig, quick study

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Comics Bronze Age on March 18, 2009.

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