Review: Swamp Thing #11

Swamp Thing #11 cover
Cover by Luis Dominguez

Swamp Thing #11
Published and © by DC, July-August 1974

Title: “The Conqueror Worms!”
Synopsis: Swamp Thing saves Matthew Cable and Abigail Arcane from an alligator creature, then frees them from giant, mutant worms.

Writer: Len Wein
Artist: Nestor Redondo

Review: Over the years, several Bronze Age fans have recommended the post-Bernie-Wrightson Swamp Thing as “underrated.” Turns out to be sound advice. Swamp Thing #11, the first issue illustrated by Nestor Redondo, hardly misses a beat. The Filipino artist handles this pulp-infused series with great skill – and a quality of brushwork that does Wrightson proud. For his part, Wein keeps fishing the same pulpy waters as earlier issues. While perhaps not quite on par with previous outings – it is a story about conqueror worms, after all – this issue isn’t far off.

Grade: B+

Second opinion: Included on Alan Brightmore’s “Individual Comics That You Should Not Be Without” list, from “A Consumer’s Guide to D.C. Comics, Part 2,” Comics Unlimited #51, October-November 1979. … “Nestor Redondo … was equally accomplished.” – The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide (second edition), 2003

Cool factor: Love the Redondo art, but check out Luis Dominguez’s Swampy on the cover.
Not-so-cool factor: “Conqueror.” “Worms” No, really. Say it.

Notable: According to a note on the “Swamp Things” letters page, this is the first issue written in full-script style.
Collector’s note: According to MyComicShop.com, there is a Mark Jewelers variant of this issue.

Character quotable:Follow … we … do not … follow you … we only … USE you …” – One of the Conqueror Worms (and it’s never good to learn you’re being used by a Conqueror Worm!)

Editor’s note: A version of this review was originally published by Comics Bronze Age on Aug. 12, 2010.

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