Review: World’s Finest Comics #243

World's Finest Comics #243 cover
Cover by Rich Buckler and John Calnan

World’s Finest Comics #243
Published and © by DC, February 1977

Title: “We Are Not Alone!”
Synopsis: When the relocation of ancient statues puts the Immortals of Cy-Tor at risk, the aliens are forced into action.

Writer: Bob Haney
Penciler: Curt Swan
Inker: Al Milgrom

Review: This reviewer is usually a sucker for stories featuring Easter-Island-style giant statues (this group of monoliths is called the Colossi of Maheps), but this snoozy story from the usually madcap Bob Haney doesn’t live up to its potential.  There are a few nice touches – an explanation about why Superman can’t help everyone, Robin figuring out how to translate an ancient language – but this tale is largely by-the-book Silver Age sci-fi. That feel is amplified by the bland rendering and dated design work of Curt Swan, who does get some above-average inks from a seemingly inspired Al Milgrom.

Grade: C+

Second opinion: “Why is it that some people seem to associate the words ‘Swan’ and ‘hack?’ Personally, especially when he’s drawing Superman, I put him in the top 10% of artists – and he meets his deadlines, too!.” – Martin Lock, Comics Unlimited #43, March 1977

Cool factor: Easter-Island-style statues are always cool. Even lame ones.
Not-so-cool factor: Superman is a superjerk in this one. You can almost hear Ma Kent telling him to be nicer to his friends!

Notable: Last issue before World’s Finest Comic switches to the “Dollar Comics” anthology format.

Character quotable: “We are not villains – we only follow the first law of the universeself-preservation!!” – One of the Immortals of Cy-Tor

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Comics Bronze Age on Feb. 25, 2013.

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