Review: The Southern Knights #2

The Southern Knights #2 cover
Cover by Jackson Guice

The Southern Knights #2
Published and © by The Guild, 1983

Title: Untitled
Synopsis: The newly renamed Southern Knights make a public appearance for their benefactor, but soon clash with the superpowered Dread.

Writers (plot): Henry Vogel, Audrey Vogel and David H. Willis
Writers (script): Vogel and Vogel
Artist (breakdowns): Jackson Guice (as Butch Guice)
Artist (finishes): Sam Grainger

Review: Thanks to a trademark tiff, the Crusaders return for this second issue as the Southern Knights. While the name is different, the rest of the proceedings are quite familiar – though markedly improved over the series’ debut (see review). Henry Vogel and Audrey Vogel’s dialogue is now spot on, and the characterization is strong throughout. While all four of the heroes offer at least some intrigue, Dragon has the makings of a breakout character. Meanwhile, Butch Guice’s art is more consistent this outing, and Sam Grainger’s embellishments are generally strong. This book holds it own with the era’s mainstream superhero fare.

Grade: B

Second opinion: “Another thing that makes Dragon stand out is the visual ‘look’ which Butch Guice created for the character, particularly in his human form.” – Michael E. Krupp, Comic Effect #23, Summer 1999 

The Southern Knights #2 back cover
Back cover by Sam Grainger

Cool factor: Digging on Dragon, and the villain, Dread, didn’t suck either.
Not-so-cool factor: It’s too bad Butch Guice’s wasn’t long for this series (though his move to Micronauts was a fine consolation prize!)

Notable: Includes a back cover by Sam Grainger. … The Crusaders was renamed The Southern Knights due to a trademark dispute with Red Circle (Archie), publishers of the Mighty Crusaders.

Character quotable: “You are too small for a decent meal.” – Dragon, always hungry

Editor’s note: This review was written Nov. 26, 2021.

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