Review: Warlord #13

Warlord #13 cover
Cover by Mike Grell

Warlord #13
Published and © by DC, June-July 1978

Title: “The Hunter”
Synopsis: An old foe of the Warlord returns to Skartaris with a convoluted plan for revenge.

Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Grell

Review: Mike Grell’s Warlord continues to be an above-average comic for its era, but something about this issue is … a little off. Perhaps it’s just the convoluted revenge plot that treads on ground well worn by “The Most Dangerous Game.” Or maybe it’s the pacing, as Grell’s story cascades to a sudden climax on this issue’s last half page. But there’s also a sense this series might be starting to stall out. With a strong cast of characters and interesting world now in place, it feels like it’s time for “Iron” Mike to stretch out with bigger, multi-part stories.

Grade: B

Cool factor: Credit to Grell for not overwriting. As both writer and artist, he seems comfortable trusting the art’s ability to tell key parts of the story.

Collector’s note: According to MyComicShop.com, there is also a Mark Jewelers variant.

Character quotable: “Now, thanks to you and that Russian broad, I’ve lost my eye and my job!” – Stryker, quibbling over details

Editor’s note: This review was written Aug. 26, 2022.

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