Review: Daredevil Annual #4

Daredevil Annual #4 cover
Cover by Gil Kane and Klaus Janson

Daredevil Annual #4
Published and © by Marvel, 1976

Title: “The Name of the Game Is … Death!”
Synopsis: An industrialist inventor’s effort to launch a tidal power station runs afoul of the Sub-Mariner – and the Maggia.

Writer (plot): Marv Wolfman
Writer (script): Chris Claremont
Penciler: George Tuska
Inker: Frank Chiaramonte

Review: This king-size annual reads like a collection of disconnected scenes, with both pacing and characterization being problems. None of the leads display clear motivation, with Sub-Mariner spending most of the issue acting indignant and smashing things. (Oh, wait. That was Namor’s character motivation during the Bronze Age!) Daredevil is apparently there to be a punching bag and Black Panther, well, vibranium. After much illogical fighting the story appears to be wrapping up … when a new supervillain suddenly debuts. What? The art from journeymen creators George Tuska and Frank Chiaramonte is serviceable but does little to elevate this lackluster story.

Grade: C

Cool factor: Daredevil! Black Panther! Sub-Mariner!
Not-so-cool factor: Again, why are these three is this story?

Character quotable: “There are times when I think that one of the requirements of being born to the blood royal – is that a man be slightly mad.” – T’Challa, king of Wakanda

Editor’s note: This review was written Nov. 16, 2022.

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