Review: House of Secrets #93

House of Secrets #93 cover
Cover by Bernie Wrightson

House of Secrets #93
Published and © by DC, August-September 1971

Title: “Lonely in Death!”
Synopsis: It’s family drama as a young woman fears her mother’s ghost is trying to kill her.

Writer: Steve Skeates
Penciler: Jim Aparo

Review: DC’s Bronze Age horror titles largely featured serviceable stories. What elevated individual issues was the mix of top-shelf art jobs sprinkled throughout the line. This issue kicks off with an A+ cover by Bernie Wrightson, then offers up this lead feature with solid Jim Aparo art. That’s a good start!


Title: “The Curse of the Cat’s Cradle”
Synopsis: A replacement plantation boss stumbles across a plot to steal treasure and a submerged giant who communicates with vines.

Writer: Uncredited
Artist: Alex Toth

Review: This reprint from 1964’s My Greatest Adventure #85 makes little story sense, but Alex Toth always delivers nice art.


Title: “Nightmare”
Synopsis: A falling man finds himself trapped in the dark with something horrible – then wakes to go through it again!

Writer: Uncredited
Artist: Jack Abel

Review: This three-page sequence is simple, but packed with tension and pathos. The Jack Abel art is solid.


Title: “The Beast From the Box”
Synopsis: A botanist must figure out how to stop an alien creature that keeps growing and evolving.

Writer: Uncredited
Artist: Nick Cardy

Review: This Silver Age sci-fi story from 1959’s House of Secrets #24 gets a slight boost from Nick Cardy’s art. 


Title: “Never Kill a Witch’s Son!”
Synopsis: It’s family drama as a young woman fears her uncle’s ghost is trying to kill her.

Writer: John Albano
Artist: Tony DeZuniga

Review: This issue’s final tale shares too much story DNA with the lead feature, and inferior art to boot.

Grade (for the entire issue): B

Cool factor: Ooooh, that Bernie Wrightson cover!

Notable: Also includes two pages of “Abel’s Fables” gag cartoons by Sergio Aragonés.

Character quotable: “She’s trying to kill me – because she’s lonely! She wants me to join her in death!” – Cynthia Compton, with some family issues

Editor’s note: This review was written Oct. 26, 2023.

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