Review: Marvel Team-Up #75

Marvel Team-Up #75
Cover Bob Hall

Marvel Team-Up #75
Published and © by Marvel, November 1978

Title: “The Smoke of That Great Burning”

Synopsis: Spider-Man and Power Man team to stop a gang that is terrorizing New York with an arson-fueled protection racket.

Writer (plot): Chris Claremont
Writer (script): Ralph Macchio
Penciler: John Byrne
Inker: Al Gordon

Review: At first glance, this one seemed on its way to earning a top grade. John Byrne’s art here is excellent: His Spider-Man exudes both power and grace while his Peter Parker is suitably a fish out of water. He also draws a dynamite Luke Cage, and even background characters are rendered with distinction. Byrne also does some great scene setting; his New York City feels distinctly of its time and place. Sadly, the story doesn’t rise to the level of the art. Chris Claremont’s plot is serviceable, but Ralph Macchio’s script stumbles, particularly with its attempt at a poignant ending.

Grade: B+

Second opinion: “Power Man and Spider-Man never forgot who the real heroes are, and I know I won’t either.” – Mathew Willence, Comic Effect #35, June-July 2003

Cool factor: Al Gordon inks are a great match over John Byrne’s pencils.

Notable: This issue is dedicated to to the New York City Fire Department. According to Mathew Willence in Comic Effect #35, this is because of a supermarket fire during the summer of 1978 that claimed the lives of several firefighters.
Collector’s note: According to the Grand Comics Database, there is a Whitman variant and a 12p British variant of this issue. … According to MyComicShop.com, there is also a Mark Jewelers variant.

Character quotable: “ C’mon … stop flickin’ that BIC.” – Power Man, because what else are you going to say to an arsonist?

Editor’s note: This review was written June 12, 2021.

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