Review: The Masked Man #1

The Masked Man #1 cover
Cover by B.C. Boyer

The Masked Man #1
Published by Eclipse and © the respective creators below, December 1984

Title: “The Idol”
Synopsis: Broadcast journalist Jon Athens wallows in an emotional funk as he covers a local political event involving The Masked Man.

Writer: B.C. Boyer
Artist: Boyer

Review: When you chose to make your character look like The Spirit, you invite inevitable comparisons to Will Eisner’s iconic work. That’s unfortunate for B.C. Boyer, whose Masked Man plays in a different artistic league. The visual storytelling here is actually quite strong; it’s the script that fails to connect emotionally.


Title: “Hiram Nash Private Eye”
Synopsis: A twice-unhappy client threatens P.I. Hiram Nash, who ultimately wins her over with some dime-store philosophizing. 

Writer: Eric Yarber
Artist: Val Mayerik

Review: The art here is serviceable if unexciting while the story offers little in the way of entertainment. Meh.

Grade (for the entire issue): C+

Cool factor: The Masked Man looks pretty good …
Not-so-cool factor: … but there’s not much else here worth recommending.

Notable: According to an introductory essay by B.C. Boyer on the “Masked Mail” letters page, The Masked Man was originally going to be called The White Collar Man.

Character quotable: “Suck … my … armpits.” – The Masked Man, master political orator
A word from the writer/artist/creator: “No one will believe me but The Spirit had no influence on The Masked Man’s creation.” – B.C. Boyer, in Amazing Heroes #63, Jan. 15, 1985

Editor’s note: This review was written Aug. 2, 2021.

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