Review: The New Teen Titans #22

The New Teen Titans #22 cover
Cover by George Pérez and Romeo Tanghal

The New Teen Titans #22
Published and © by DC, August 1982

Title: “Ashes to Ashes!”
Synopsis: Public sentiment turns when Brother Blood appears to be killed during the Teen Titans’ attempt to free their teammates.

Writer: Marv Wolfman
Penciler: George Pérez
Embellisher: Romeo Tanghal

Review: Brother Blood continues to develop as a villain in this second outing – but he’s not quite there yet. As a straight-up villain, he has a confidence and (not-yet-fully-defined) power set that make him an imposing opponent. And there’s a dark, adult tone to the character that gives him a terrifying edge. Less convincing is the charisma that would be necessary to make such an unpleasant figure connect with both his followers and the general public. It’s clear the Titans creative team is attempting to establish Brother Blood as a signature foe and multidimensional threat. Given time, it just may work.

Grade: B+

Cool factor: Brother Blood is a visually striking character.

Notable: First appearance of Bethany Snow. … First brief appearance of Blackfire.

Character quotable: “Brother Blood has survived more than seven hundred years, girl! Do you truly believe you can destroy an immortal?” – Brother Blood, confident
A word from the writer/co-creator: “The Brother Blood stories were all dark. Very dark. Judging from the mail, our older readers seemed to appreciate these stories although our younger ones weren’t quite sure what we were doing.” – Marv Wolfman, from the “Introduction” to “The New Teen Titans Archives: Volume 4,” May 2008

Editor’s note: This review was written March 3, 2024.

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