Review: Doctor Strange #55

Doctor Strange #55 cover
Cover by Michael Golden

Doctor Strange #55
Published and © by Marvel, October 1982

Title: “To Have Loved … and Lost!”
Synopsis: Already distraught over the departure of his disciple Clea, Doctor Strange finds himself in a battle with D’Spayre.

Writer: Roger Stern
Penciler: Michael Golden
Inker: Terry Austin

Review: This issue is one of those great done-in-one gems that littered the Bronze Age. Writer Roger Stern turns Doctor Strange’s struggle with depression into a literal battle with despair – actually, the demon D’Spayre. The art by Michael Golden is simply breathtaking, and is made even better by the intricate ink work of Terry Austin. Colorist Glynis Wein deserves a nod, too, as her use of colors both bold and subtle meshes perfectly with the spot-black rich art. With the entire creative team firing on all cylinders, Doctor Strange #55 is a delight.

Grade: A

Second opinion: “Quite possibly one of the trippiest issues ever.” – Peter David, “Marvel Greatest Comics: 100 Comics That Built a Universe” … “A stellar example of both storytelling and art.” – Melanie Scott and Stephen “Win” Wiacek, “Marvel Greatest Comics: 100 Comics That Built a Universe” … Recommended by The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide (second edition), 2003.

Cool factor: Michael Golden + Terry Austin = Very pretty!

Notable: Includes a one-page pinup of Doctor Strange and Clea by Micheal Golden. … The “Strange Mails” letters page includes an LoC from future comics editor Diana Schutz.
Collector’s note: According to the Grand Comics Database, there is a 75¢ Canadian variant of this issue.

Character quotable: “Wong, I think I’d like something to eat now!” – Doctor Strange, working up an appetite kicking demon butt

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Comics Bronze Age on November 4, 2010.

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