Review: Marvel Team-Up #44

Marvel Team-Up #44 cover
Cover by Gil Kane and Dan Adkins

Marvel Team-Up #44
Published and © by Marvel, April 1976

Title: “Death in the Year Before Yesterday!”
Synopsis: In 1692 Salem, the Dark-Rider has defeated Spider-Man, Vision, the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom. Can Moondragon save the day?

Writer: Bill Mantlo
Penciler: Sal Buscema
Inker: Mike Esposito

Review: Bill Mantlo continues to throw logs on the fire. Already knee deep in characters, Mantlo adds Moondragon to the mix as the first leg of his time-travel epic comes to a close. This issue gets a little bogged down by recaps, delivered through wordy character exposition. But once the heroes – and Doctor Doom – get down to business, this is another fine issue. Mantlo also gets nice payoff from the Salem setting circa 1692, delivering a particularly poignant last page. Props again to the art team of Sal Buscema and Mike Esposito, who were in fine form for this entire arc.

Grade: B

Cool factor: This whole four-issue story (see reviews of MTU #41, #42 and #43). Though no single issue stands out, this arc is greater than the sum of its parts and is one of the better MTU storylines.

Collector’s note: According to the Grand Comics Database, there is a 30¢ variant and a 9p British variant of this issue. … According to MyComicShop.com, there is also a Mark Jewelers variant. … … Beware, this issue contains Marvel Value Stamp (Series B) #68.

Character quotable:Cows, pigs and witches! The world is beset by devils!” – Cotton Mather, man of history, man of God

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Comics Bronze Age on Nov. 12, 2009.

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