Review: The Southern Knights #3

The Southern Knights #3 cover
Cover by Michael Morrison and Sam Grainger

The Southern Knights #3
Published and © by The Guild, July 1983

Title: “Paradise: Lost!”
Synopsis: An assassin comes after the Southern Knight’s new benefactor, leading the team to bust a local drug operation.

Writers (plot): Henry Vogel, Audrey Vogel and David H. Willis
Writers (script): Vogel and Vogel
Penciler: Michael Morrison
Inker: Sam Grainger

Review: The loss of this series’ original artist, Butch Guice, hurts – particularly since newcomer Michael Morrison’s pencils aren’t ready for prime time. Veteran inker Sam Grainger’s inks help, but the art still looks like an above-average fanzine. Story wise, Dragon continues to be The Southern Knights’ standout character.


Title: “Electrode: The Origin”
Synopsis: Self-made superhero Electrode stops a robbery in progress – and causes property damage – during his initial adventure. 

Writers (plot): Henry Vogel, Audrey Vogel and David H. Willis
Writers (script): Vogel and Vogel
Artist: Morrison

Review: This origin of Electrode has a clever touch or two, but largely falls short of professional quality.

Grade (for the entire issue): C-

Cool factor: There still some potential here …
Not-so-cool factor: … but this one is a major step backward from previous issues (see reviews of The Crusaders #1 and The Southern Knights #2).

Notable: First comic-book-sized issue. … Includes an inside front cover by Bob McLeod and Steve Kent.

Character quotable: “Sorry, no banter from me. I never talk when I’m fighting.” – Connie Ronin, while fighting

Editor’s note: This review was written Feb. 3, 2022.

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