Review: Wulf the Barbarian #2

Wulf the Barbarian #2 cover
Cover by Larry Hama and Klaus Janson with Larry Lieber

Wulf the Barbarian #2
Published and © by Atlas (Seaboard), April 1975

Title: “The Beast of Famine”
Synopsis: Wulf joins forces with the Free Swordsmen’s Guild to save the city of Rama-Kesh from a magically induced drought.

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Hama
Inker: Klaus Janson

Review: Much as with this series’ debut issue (see review), Wulf the Barbarian #2 is a surprisingly strong outing. This book is clearly a labor of love for Hama, who delivers a strong story with likable characters (and considering how boorish most Bronze Age barbarians are, likable goes a long way). Hama is also a decent artist, though his figures can be a bit stiff. Klaus Janson’s inks continue to be surprisingly detailed here, though, overall, the finishes are a little uneven (this reviewer suspects an art assist; see “Notable” below). 

Grade: B+

Second opinion: “Handsomely drawn. … Recommended.” – The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide (second edition)

Cool factor: A likable lead character … a strong female guest star without a chain-mail bikini … a writer/artist who’s clearly enjoying himself. There’s a lot of cool going on here!
Not-so-cool factor: Hey, this Atlas (Seaboard) … you know it isn’t going to last.

Notable: The credits include a “special thanks” to Neal Adams, Ralph Reese, Ed Davis, Wally Wood, Bob McLeod (as Bob McCleod), Pat Broderick, Vincente Alcázar, Paul Kirshner and Jack Abel (while not credited for an art assist, their involvement would explain this issue’s uneven look).

Character quotable: “Clear me room to swing a blade, and I’ll see what heads there are to cleave!” – Wulf the Barbarian, an enthusiastic fellow

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Comics Bronze Age on Nov. 16, 2012.

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