Review: The Legion of Super-Heroes #288

The Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) #288 cover
Cover by Keith Giffen and Romeo Tanghal

The Legion of Super-Heroes #288
Published and © by DC, June 1982

Title: “The Legionnaire’s Made for Burning”
Synopsis: Legionnaires rush to save Princess Projectra and Karate Kid from execution on Orando – but will they get there in time?

Writer: Paul Levitz
Penciler: Keith Giffen
Inker: Bruce Patterson

Review: Keith Giffen – perhaps the definitive LoSH artist – wastes little time in upgrading the look of the 30th century. From holographic tech to unique world-building, Giffen begins establishing the design motifs that would define his iconic run on the title. Bruce Patterson’s inks still aren’t the best fit over Giffen’s pencils, but the pairing gets better each issue. On the writing side, Paul Levitz displays a deft touch for characterization, with each Legionnaire displaying unique personality traits. Levitz shows a particular knack for writing Dream Girl, a character whose evolution from eye candy to strong superheroine is clearly underway.

Grade: A-

Cool factor: Levitz + Giffen = Immediate Legion goodness. 

Not-so-cool factor: Some of those Legionnaire hairstyles haven’t aged that well (but Giffen would be updating those soon).

Character quotable: “Maybe now they’ll get the idea that Legionnaires aren’t for burning.” – Mon-El, who’s invulnerable anyway

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Sequential Reaction (Vol. 1) on April 26, 2016.

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