Review: Marvel Team-Up #82

Marvel Team-Up #82
Cover by Rich Buckler and Bob McLeod

Marvel Team-Up #82
Published and © by Marvel, June 1979

Title: “No Way to Treat a Lady”
Synopsis: Spider-Man saves an amnesiac Black Widow from a mugging, only to find S.H.I.E.L.D. gunning for her, too.

Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciler: Sal Buscema
Inker: Steve Leialoha

Review: This is one of those delightful, unexpected treats that emerge from the back-issue bins from time to time. This first issue of a four-part spy thriller is vintage Chris Claremont, all action and intrigue and guest stars galore. The story hits the ground running and never lets up, ending in a cliffhanger that’ll send readers scurrying for MTU #83 (see review). The art is also a treat: The unexpected team of Sal Buscema and Steve Leialoha works wonderfully together. Buscema’s pencils provide a solid foundation, while Leialoha’s inks add fluidity and warmth. All in all, this one’s a nice surprise.

Grade: A-

Second opinion: Recommended by The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide (second edition), 2003.

Cool factor: The surprising blend of Sal Buscema and Steve Leialoha goes down smooth.
Collector’s note: According to the Grand Comics Database, there is a 12p British variant and a Mark Jewelers variant of this issue.

Character quotable: “This costume – it’s like a second skin. I feel – well, it’s almost … indecent.” – The Black Widow (and all it took was amnesia to figure that out!)

Editor’s note: This review was originally published by Comics Bronze Age on March 15, 2010.


  1. Excellent issue, though Spidey got taken down kinda easily by those SHIELD agents. He seems to rise (or fall) to the level of his competition.

  2. Hey, Dave. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, a lot of superheroes seemed to have that problem. I seem to remember one issue where Hawkeye was able to take out the rest of The Avengers, and Superman was always getting it handed to him by someone with fraction of his power. I understand the need for creative license, but the author also needs to maintain the suspension of disbelief!

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